There is a feature I really really really want. Can I suggest it anywhere?


Bookmark a page?
Is there a way to add a bookmark to a page, so that once it’s reopened it goes to the last bookmark?


Print option
It would really be nice to be able to print multiple PDF pages per sheet of paper on Chromebooks. That’s a must for students and for business users.



Check Evince app. Has this feature but must use with rollapp on chromebook. Not the fastest gdrive access… Would be great if builtin notable PDF


I’d like to second this. I’m in a masters program reading scientific papers and I switch between doing so on my PC and Android tablet. There’s seemingly no service that provides the same functions on Android and PC. I want to be able to annotate a PDF on my PC, to have those annotations saved to my Google Drive, and then to open that PDF on my Android, see the annotations, and add more–and have those visible on my PC…


I often find myself on my phone reading PDFs from Google drive, but can’t annotate them… Is it possible one day to get notable on android?




As a user (who organizes PDFs into thematic folder) I want to be able to select the target forlder when I save the PDF to Google Drive, so that I dont have to re-enter GDrive, move the pDF around, etc.


Please add the ability to double space text.

Please add the ability to fill text boxes with a color. This will allow us to type over words that are currently on the PDF.


One thing I would like to see on Kami is a ruler tool, like seen in art apps. You could activate it, and then anything you use the drawing tool for would be straight. For people with OCD, this would be a great installment.


Hi Rebecca

We do have the ability to fill text boxes with color - you can choose a background color here:



Hi Person!

You can hold down shift when starting a line, and it will draw straight.



Two feature requests and some background:

  • The ability to turn off annotation (or at least default to the hand tool)

I use Kami only as a PDF viewer. I don’t ever annotate documents or want to annotate them. I do like to be able to drag around to read them, though. In Acrobat, the default tool is the hand tool. I’m used to that, so I keep unintentionally making little annotation boxes in Kami, which then leads to a popup later asking if I want to download a previously annotated version.

Just defaulting to Hand (or giving an option for this) would solve my problem, though an even better solution would be to give the option to strip annotation and other UI elements entirely. Even the blue title bar is a bit much. (Most screens have way more horizontal space than vertical, so it’s not as efficient to cover that part of the screen.)

  • View more than two pages at once

This one is more niche. The best feature in Kami and the reason I use it is the ability to view two pages at once, side by side. MS Word takes this one step further: you can view as many pages as you want at once, so you can see a huge amount of content at one time if you have a screen with high pixel density.

You’re already doing great with the two-up view (though it’d be good to be able to default to this). Showing more pages would put you ahead of Acrobat. Then I’d start using Kami as my main PDF viewer even for local files.


I would love to have a option to auto fill my note with the highlighted text when I convert it to note.


I would like to use Kami on files in a Google Team Drive (multiple members). Kami doesn’t show up as an “Open with” option, and selecting “Open from Google Drive” only gives me access to my own drive.


I would like to be able to save changes made in offline mode while offline. If a student without internet at home looses power or accidentally turns off their chromebook they loose all their work.


I would love to see the option to schedule a Kami assignment in Google Classroom. It is great to be able to use Kami and Google classroom but I like to be able to schedule assignments a few days prior to post on the correct day.


When you select a tool on the side, by default it expands to show the tool options. If other users are like me, however, I don’t need to change those tool options very often, and the expanded options just get in the way of viewing the document, especially when I’m viewing 2 side by side. I request that instead of expanding by default, and having to click again to make the options go away, …clicking a tool should just switch to that tool. Then a second click would expand the tool options. Thanks.


yes you can no matter what it is as long as its something do to Kami you can


I try to avoid using my mouse, so what would be very useful for me is:

  • more keyboard shortcuts

  • cursor mode (so you can navigate the text in the PDF and make selections using arrows and/or vim-style keys)

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