There is a feature I really really really want. Can I suggest it anywhere?

Comment below on this post to suggest features you would like to see next on Kami!


I would love to have the ability to freehand write on PDFs similar to notability (an iPad app).

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Hey Shirelyb,

I think the team is currently working on this feature and is to be added in the future.
Thanks for the suggestion :smile:


That’s great to hear! Thanks Jay

I really miss one function. Inserting free space. My pdf’s are usualy really busy so its difficult to insert annotations because there is simply no space.

It would be realy nice to chose the size of this free space aswell not just insert a whole A4 page.
That would be AWESOME for my chromebook…

Hey jakadinho,

Do you mean like adding a free space in a packed PDF document so that everything else realigns itself for annotations?


If i understand correctly then YES.

Basicly if I have pdf with text


I would like to insert space before the R line and write anotations there, so the whole bottom text would move. I love to use my chromebook at my faculty this is the only big deal feature missing. I saw my school mates using this function on Mac. They can even insert space by pressing ENTER just like editing a word document…

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Would love to see embedding options for audio, video, hyperlinks and attached files.


Is it possible to have an Email option that works with my Gmail? The default options of sending via Facebook is not ideal for academia

Is it possible to have a draw tool added for arrows and circles?

Are there plans to add in the ability to restore previous versions of an edited file? Flashpoint saves similar to those in other Google docs

Will there be touch support for tablets running Chrome in future?


I would love to see a “page delete” function or an paint white rectangle function in notable pdf

Use Case: when scaning articels from a print magazine to archive in an electronic system, I would like to clean up these article easily. Often there are pages with advertisement or unneeded first or last pages (in double side pages) which I would like to delete from the pdf.

a) Delete complete page from PDF
b) Instead of deleting a complete page, another approach would be to over paint the not needed area with a white filled rectangle/box

Nice to have, but less important would be a merge PDF function


Here is my list of suggestions.

  1. Emailing pdf as attachment
  2. More third party intergration: Evernote, Dropbox, etc.
  3. OCR functions.


A few potential feature requests, in no particular order:

  • Ability to save across cloud services regardless of platform. For instance, why can I only save to Google Drive when using the Chrome plugin? Being able to use Dropbox or Box from the plugin (and Drive from the web interface) might be handy.
  • Saving to other cloud services - here I’m thinking specifically of OpenCloud and Bitcasa. (The latter may be somewhat easier on Chrome, as there is already a Bitcasa Chrome plugin that allows saving a link directly to Bitcasa, no need to download locally then upload. Might be a good integration point.)
  • An API that works with, so Notable users can create their own integrations.

In any case, I look forward to seeing what new features Notable PDF has in store.

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I would like features similar to those found in PDF Expert 5 for iOS

Most importantly, I need:

  • Support for fillable forms created in Adobe Acrobat, including its javascript functions
  • The ability to save a “flattened” or read-only version of the pdf once it has been filled out.

With these features, my company would absolutely be interested in purchasing the premium version of Notable and deploying it to our sales people. I have yet to find a browser based solution that does this properly.

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I would like an annotation option to leave stamps, such as a checkmark. Adding a comment leaves a nice filled circle, but there is also an annoyingly non-invisible box where the comment is left.

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I would also like to see page numbers next to the thumbnails on the sidebar. This would be especially helpful in long documents where the pages look mostly the same.


I’m having an issue using Outlook webmail where if I click on a pdf attachment it opens in Notable in the same tab, closing me out of my inbox. Is there a way to set things to always open Notable in a new tab? If not, that would be a very good feature. Thanks.

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I’ve used other annotation software and Acrobat Reader. Useful features to have are:

  1. Embed tick or cross marks as text in forms. Special screen buttons and for other special characters for these would help.
  2. Appending a signature image as a stamp is quite often used and important. have used it in Acrobat and PDFXchange.

I really really really really want support for an android tablet/ipad. In fact I would run out and buy either one if I knew you were going to support it. I’m currently doing the reading-a-lot portion of my phd and need to read (and hightlight bits of) a gazillion pdfs and, well, Notable rocks!!!

ps. so glad to read it’s a NZ startup! Go Kiwis Go! (I lived in ‘the Tron’ for 6 years…)


Loving the product!

  • Just after being able to choose where in GDrive to save.

  • Being able to re edit highlighting and comments in an exported pdf that have been done in Notablepdf

  • Being able to un-highlight text

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Hi Onderay
Highlighted text can be undone by hovering over it, this will cause a toolbar to appear and you can select the X here to remove the highlights. Please note that this will remove any comment associated with the highlight.