"Your teacher needs to open the assignment in Kami"

Your teacher needs to open the assignment in Kami

Sorry, it appears you don’t have permission to access this assignment as a student. Your teacher must first complete the step of opening the assignment from Canvas in Kami to allow access to this assignment.

This message has been showing up recently (in the last 7 days or so).

We are using Canvas, and one teacher will create a module with Kami assignments and share it to another teacher or teachers. This message has been showing up for students.

Why? Any insight to this?

Hi JStansel,

We rolled out some fixes on the 18th of September related to copied assignments where Teacher B finally becomes the new owner of any new student files. We had detected a bug that occurs with Kami Canvas Assignments; basically, if one teacher (let’s call them Teacher A) creates a Kami assignment in their Canvas course, and another teacher copies that assignment (via Course Copy, or Blueprint courses, etc). Previously Kami would share the Teacher B’s (the teacher who copied the assignment) students back to Teacher A, with the ownership of the file being still under Teacher A which was causing permission errors for Teacher B and their students.

Moving forward, we require all teachers who copy an assignment to open the assignment from Canvas into Kami first before the students open the assignments, so this makes sure that the teacher has their own copy of the template, so that we won’t have to switch ownerships ever again.

Hope this helps
Roseanne from Kami

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This is EXTREMELY frustrating! I teach multiple courses and copy modules /assignments between them. It is very time consuming to then have to go back to each assignment and load it. I am also finding that assignments I have opened will require me to open again. Any way to fix this??

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Canvas is a terrible tool - it’s shameful how every district seems to have blindly absorbed it without proofing it’s lack of usability.

We are still having trouble with this issue- even after following all directions about opening the assignment from Canvas into Kami first before the students open the assignment. Can you please provide some advice/help?

EEEEE okay I get that all the time, but this was a long time ago so mm okay bye