"You have previously annotated this document" popup

Hello i request the developers to give an option in the settings by which i can disable or enable this feature as when needed , because for me seriously this popup is very irritating and assuming that some people might be liking this feature .
thank you

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Yes please! This is a serious flaw in my Kami workflow, and a serious drain of unnecessary time to ‘getting the job done’.

I agree, make it an option … better for collaboration perhaps - working on my own on a doc, this feature does not add much value, apart from nagging me!

I made an account just to say that I agree with this, make it an option to automatically open the document with the most comments.

This popup is really annoying. Can we have a automatic solution for this, thereby disabling the notification? PLEASE!!!

I write a script to solve this. This will automatically open the version with the most comments for you.