When using Kami, students can see the work of other students who share the same computer. How do I keep this from happening?

In a computer lab setting, I have 21 classes K-6 that rotate through my class every 3 days. I use Google Classroom to distribute assignments. Typically I create the assignment for each grade level and then re-use post. I just started using Kami in the classroom after adding the extension. After one full cycle of classes I noticed that students from one class are able to see the work of other students who are doing the same assignment by simply clicking on the icon with the other students initials. The files were not shared except by me when I distributed them and selected “make a copy for each student”. During individual assignments I don’t want them to see the work of another student. How do I turn off this feature.

Hi dolores-bears,

Can you please send an email to support@kamihq.com referencing this?

It is much easier to troubleshoot using that channel.