What plan is best for OCRing all PDFs on Google Drive

Currently my house is strewn with hundreds of sheets of paper.
Most are bills, medical records or tax documents.
Unfortunately many of these documents are required to be sent to me through the mail and not electronically.
I want to get organized by scanning and then shredding most of these documents.

Kami and its OCR feature seems to be the best fit for this job.
I currently have a scanner that can upload scans directly to Google Drive.
I can use Kami to open up these documents, have Kami add text, and save them again.
I can now use the Google Drive feature to search my ever growing list of documents.

This plan seems to work, but has anyone else tried it or have a better idea?
Right now my major problem with this plan is all the manual steps that are needed to get the searchable documents onto Google Drive.

The other plan I refer to is which Kami plan should I get?
I currently have no use for features other than OCR and Google Drive support.
Is the standard plan all I need?