What does 'Flatten Annotations' mean?

When exporting a PDF with your annotations in Kami, you have the option of either doing a normal export, or a flattened export. Flattened annotations apply to annotations made with the Comment Tool.

Normal exports are the default and are what you get if you export without checking the ‘Flatten Annotations’ box. When this option is selected, your annotations will be included into your exported PDF as PDF-standard annotations.

Here is an example of a non-flattened comment:

When you click the box, the comment pops out.

When ‘flatten annotations’ is selected, we will produce a PDF with the comment added to the side of the document.

Here is an example of a flattened comment:

Hello, I tried the “flatten annotations” option, but when I then opened it in Adobe Acrobat Pro I was able to edit the annotations. Is there a way to actually completely flatten a pdf so that the annotations are not editable in any software?


The flatten feature is not working for me either. All annotations are still editable upon downloading with the “flatten” button checked. Please help!

Hi kjosephs,

I am sorry for the late reply. We changed this option and it no longer functions in that way.


Just a FYI, we have changed this now so that when ‘Flatten Annotations’ is used, the annotations will no longer be editable.