Voice Comments on a 'Master Copy'

Hi! I would like to know if a voice comment can be used on a ‘master copy’ so that when accessed, all students are able to listen to it?

I am using Kami in conjunction with Google Classroom with a Year 1 cohort.
We have a diverse range of reading abilities and as we are in Melbourne, our students have returned to Remote Learning.

I have created reading tasks by capturing an IMAGE of the focus page/s from a text and inserting into a document. My typed prompts and questions works with the ‘text to speech’ function. As the reading material is a JPEG, these do not. Alternatively, I created a ‘voice comment’ for each paragraph to ensure each student could listen to the text. I uploaded this as an assignment to Google Classroom however when accessed by a student, the voice comment does not appear.

Is there a way that I could upload this and keep the ‘voice comment’ so it accessible to all students?


Voice comments embedded in the master copy and then distributed using Classroom (making a copy for each student) will be on every copy made however students will need to open the doc with Kami to see (hear) them.

Thank you! Is there a specific way to embed these? Currently my students are able to delete these on their copy (accidentally).

I think you can download with annotations flattened

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 12.40.31 PM|511x500

Then everything on the page is saved and can’t be messed with.

Correct me if I am incorrect. If you flatten the annotations, the video comments are not active?