Viewing Kami Assignments in Google Classroom

When I click on a turned in Kami assignment in Google Classroom I want it to launch into KAMI immediately and not give me the choice to open in Kami or not. I can go to my Kami extension and check the box to open in Kami automatically, but my students work still give me the option to open in Kami. When I click on my student’s assignment and tell it to open in Kami, I have no place in the Kami setting to tell it to open automatically. That feature is removed.


Currently there is no way to open directly from Classroom, because the preview window is required to pop up first.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I just started using Kami today and was grappling with this issue. I thought when I got a paid account, this would fix the issue but it didn’t make a difference. However, I think I discovered a simple enough fix for this issue that I hopefully can walk my little third graders through… First day of Kami had its moments but I think this will make it go smoothly. The Pro Version will help a lot I think.

First, they need to have Kami set as their default PDF viewer from Google Drive. This can be done from the Google Drive page, in settings. (Try it yourself before you try to walk someone through it.)

Second, they can favorite the folder for that class that all the math assignments go to.

Third, in case students have their files show up in tiles, have them change it to the detailed list view.

Fourth, whenever I have an assignment for them to work on, they will just go to that ‘Math Folder’ for my class, and then click the newest one. They can confirm the title with the List View versus the Tile View won’t show it.