Using multiple Google Drives

I have some students that are having trouble finding their documents saved to their Google Drives. I suspect it may be related to them having their own Google account and a Google drive different than their school account. I say this because when I try to find my own personal accounts (I have several), I can only see my school Google account and not my others.
I also see where I have my main email account listed in my profile. I thought if I changed that I might see my other drives. However when I try to change the email account to one of my other Gmail accounts, Kami says that that email has already been taken.
Not sure if this has anything to do with my students’ issues finding their documents, but thought I’d ask.

I have the same problem. See my post under “feature request”. Maybe your students could send requests also. I have not been able to find a solution in Kami other than download to the computer then upload from the computer to the correct G-drive. Way too clunky for such a feature rich app in 2017.


Are you using Google to sign in to Kami?

It would greatly help us for implementing a solution if we know why the students have multiple accounts. Can you please elaborate on how you use Kami, and why student’s have multiple accounts? Is it simply because they have a personal account and a school account?

Currently, the easiest solution would be to use Kami separately with each Google account. If you use Google Chrome, this is very easy because you can use the “People” function. For example, if you are using Kami with your business account, simply create a Google profile with the business account and switch to that account.

You can find the People tab here on Mac:

And here on Windows:

You can also sign out of Drive, sign into a new account, and then refresh Kami.

We will look into adding an option to switch Google Drive more easily.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Yes. I am using Google to sign in, but I cannot tell which account I’m signing in with.
I have a school account, a personal account, and an account for business purposes.
As well, some students have personal accounts and school accounts.
All of the students are using Chromebooks in my classroom and it gets pretty chaotic when I’m not sure how to best use the program with multiple accounts.

Please let us know if you add this as a new feature in Kami. It would help alot.