Upgrades costing money!

This is so annoying that I have to pay to upgrade basic computerized features.I am a student so this is very hard especially when I have homework to do.Please make these features free.I love kami when it was free to use but this needs to make an upgrade to the basic of features.I want people to please join with me to petition for Kami to do away with upgrades and make all of these features free.

Though I can see your point, I would just like to point out that upgrade plans are essentially their only source of income (AFAIK), and that income is what allows the site to stay up. Without it, the site would be shut down within a few months due to their inability to pay hosting costs.

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What features are you talking about? The plans are not that expensive. This is a wonderful free tool for PDF’s and it’s the best I have ever seen. QuinnActually makes a very good point. The free version wouldn’t even exist without the existence without the existence of paid subscriptions.