Turn in button for Google Classroom is not showing

I am assigning work using the Create Kami Assignment option in Google Classroom. For some students, the “Open in Kami” option doesn’t appear unless they refresh a couple of times. When they save/refresh their work the “Turn In” button does not appear. So, we go to Google Classroom and open it there, we can see the annotations and can turn it in there. Any ideas?

Hi there, the ‘Turn In’ button can take a minute or two to show up in the Kami when the student initially open their work. Try seeing if you leave the document for a few minutes whether that comes right on it’s own or whether it only comes right if you refresh, if it’s the latter ideally if we could get a short clip of the issue occurring, that would help the engineers and myself get to the bottom of the issue.

I’m having the exact same issue. No matter how long we wait or how many times we refresh, it doesn’t show up for some students.

Sometimes the turn in button appears for students and other times not. I feel like I assign it the same way each time. What am I doing wrong?