Tool "filtering" and "Time Stamping"

Good day!

Here is a video with my request/question.

Generally, when over in the toggle area looking through “tool activity” (that is how I describe that area), it would be useful to have a “tool filtering” option so that I can view just the “T” for text comments or just the paintbrush for drawing tool use.

Also, while comments are given a “6 days ago or 1 day ago” time, is it possible to be more precise with the exact date and time?

Thanks much!

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I am a little confused but whatever your trying to get I guess I agree… ok nvm
Have a great day ttyl

@higgibec did you try clicking the button that looks like 2 arrows at the bottom right hand side of the image for the first part of your question?

If not, try that and it should look like this.

As for the second part of the question, I feel that it estimates a duration of time for comments, but it is a good feature.

Ya thats true good thinking