Text to Speech Restrictions

I’ve been experimenting with the Text to Speech feature. I am a grade 1 French Immersion teacher. It would be great if I could limit the text to speech feature to just the language I need my students to use. I’m thinking for struggling readers as they cannot choose the language that they need from that long list. It would be nice to add a choice of language in the Feature Restrictions menu if the assignment is shared through Google Classroom. Thanks for considering this request. Have a great day!

I get what your saying but changing the settings into the one language that you want students to use… Is going to cause more promblems to your kami.app, That is a good choice I gotta say that, but you wanna think about the type of things that may end up on a negative stop.

Have a great day to u too

Thanks for your response. Could you clarify which problems with my Kami app would occur? What other negatives?

Sure thing, It would cause an error where you cant be able to open certain things until your language translator is all finished loading… causing promblems that may affect the ability of works.

Just want to make sure we are on the same page.
I don’t want to limit the app to one language. I would like to, when my students are using Text to Speech, give them only one language to read the text in. Since we only use one language in my class: French. The Text to Speech option list has 22 languages in it, for students who cannot read - that is far too many.
I hope that clarifies what I meant.
If that’s what you already understood, I will just have to live with the 22 languages. :sleepy:

Hi, I’m Becky from Kami. It’s so great to hear you have been testing out our Text to Speech feature in our class. This is a great product request that we will pass onto our team for potential future updates. Thanks so much for letting us know that this is something you would like to see from Kami.

ok cool, have a good day