Text to speech, how do you start this feature?

What is the trick to using text to speech? I clicked on it and chose a language and a speed but don’t see any choice for starting the feature.

Hi Becca,

To use Text to Speech, you first select the tool, and then highlight the text that you wish to be read. You can think of it as the highlight tool, but instead of highlighting it reads back the text.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

I am also having a difficult time getting this feature to work? I click on Text to Speech, highlight the text I want read and nothing happens? I have volume turned up, settings on for microphone and headphones as well.
I have a school account so this should be a feature we have, correct?

Hi Amy,
I must have asked about this, too, though I don’t remember it. Anyway, highlight the text you wish to hear, then tap on the text-to-speech icon. if you tap the down arrow next to default speech you have a choice of language and accent.

Hi Amy and Becca,

If the TTS tool is not working, it may be an issue with the quality of the PDF. I would recommend using the OCR Tool and then retrying the TTS tool.