Text input is also buggy

Text input used to work without any problem… Problems arise since redesign of text input options to the new tooltip at the top area… when the textbox is created and the text input mark is flashing, words do not show up when types; have to click again inside the box. Even when the default text size is set to 24, the font size always go back to 14… the textbox literally shrinks automatically when clicked again inside the box.

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Sorry you had to experience that. It sounds like a bug, but we weren’t able to reproduce it on our side. Would it be possible for you to screencast into a video to send to us? Our email is support@kamiapp.com. Please mention this thread when emailing us.



I’m having the same issue. Was this resolved? I choose the font type, font size and font color but as soon as I start using speech to text feature in the text box, it reverts back to default font. My 9 year old son uses the Kami app at school as an accommodation and frustrated he can no longer use for his longer writing assignments. I hope this can be fixed.

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Giselle - we haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. Could you please mail us a video or screencast of the issue and mention this message? support@kamiapp.com

My students keep saying their whole text box deletes when the right click on a word. Text boxes also delete randomly and they loose all their work. I haven’t figured out what they are clicking to make that happen, but it’s only been an issue since the update.

When I type into a pre-made form (with text fields), I can type in the text with no problem. However, when I try to print, all the text is gone (as if I never typed in anything). Text appears when opened in Kami, iExplore, and Acrobat Reader, but NONE WILL PRINT THE TEXT. The text just vanishes when I try to print. Very frustrating.