Text Highlighting: Better Touch Support & Allow Adjusting Begin/End

I often highlight via passive stylus or finger on my touch monitor. In Foxit Reader, this is no issue: I can select the highlighting tool, drag over the part of the text I would like to highlight, and done. I can even readjust the begin and ending positions of the highlighting by tapping it and using the two “grips” at the ends.

When trying to use Kami this way, I am only able to highlight a single word (namely by longpressing). I can also not adjust the beginning or end of the highlighting. As I would like to use Kami as a browser-based PDF highlighting tool, these limitations make it unusable for me. Can these features please be added soon? Thanks!

The adjustment of the highlight position is only available via the Box Highlighter. The feature you are currently using is the Text Highlighter, which can only highlight text if you used Text Recognition/OCR. Please switch to the Box Highlighter by selecting the Markup option on the left, and then choosing the Box Highlighter (2 options down from the currently selected choice) to get this functionality.

Hope this helps!