Text box offset?

Hi. My daughter is using Kami on school-issued chrome book (in chrome browser) to annotate pdf documents. The text tool creates a text box several lines above where she is clicking on the document. In other words, the text box is not showing up in the location she is clicking. All other features seem to be fine. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot? Thx.

Thanks for coming on Kami for help Lets see what you are dealing with.

So from the information that I was told I am a stdent as well and I never had that promblem but other students have. Your daughter can go onto this link and it will help her through the promblem that she is having http://mailto:support@kamiapp.com But I hope your daughter soon finds how to fix it and GOOD LUCK

Another thing that I use beside of Kai is DocHub it works amazing and I even got my teachers to start using it maybe she would fall in love Have a good day and talk soon bye.