Test option to restrict sharing for giving quizzes and tests

As a teacher I would love to use Kami to give tests and quizzes. Our school does have monitoring software, but it would be pretty easy to miss a student downloading a quiz that I’ve shared. I would request an option to set a shared Kami document as a test/quiz such that students are restricted from sharing or downloading the file and perhaps can only annotate and submit the document.


Agreed! Is there a way to limit student access to a Kami document that is being used as a test. We use Canvas and can limit student access in Canvas, but students can still access the document in their Drive and share not only the contents of the assessment but any feedback that the teacher provides. Perhaps a way to identify the document as a test and then when submitted, that document goes into a folder that only the teacher can access? Thank you!!!

As a student… im gonna help you the best i can because you both are teachers and you might not know this @adamgreen18 but you can give students test and quizzes in the Kami.app all they need to do is open your file in google classroom… Then choose open in Kami… then they might need to make a new copy and then they can edit and do the work… Last thing the student just needs to turn it in. Hope this helps but it might be confusing towards you ( I dont know ) have a great day and talk soon ( if you need anyother help ) Before I go I just wanna say to both of you… Welcome to Kami.app community and were glad to help you whenever you need. Bye