Teachers Adding Comments as they view annotations in google classroom

This may have been covered but I was struggling to find an answer. As a student works on the annotation in the classroom, can I add comments as they are working ?


Yes, if you make changes to the file that you assigned, the students will see those annotations even after opening the file.

An intervention specialist is logged into the google classroom, she was able to click on a students work and watch him type. She noticed he made a mistake but was unable to give immediate feedback. Is that something that can be done, similar to google docs? Thanks

I should also specify that the IS is not the primary owner of the document, that would have come from the General Ed. teacher. Thanks


This depends on how you assign the file. If you are collaborating real time, this is possible.

It is difficult to be more precise because it greatly depends on how you use Kami. For example, if you use Google Classroom, you can do this by selecting “can edit” under the editing rights when assigning the file. If you select “make a copy for each student,” then the students get their own copy and hence you cannot give immediate feedback because you no longer have access to the file (until the student turns it in).