Students sometimes not able to submit

Thanks for any troubleshooting ideas/help! We use the paid versions of both Schoology and Kami and these Kami assignments are being pushed out through Schoology. I’m our K-12 tech coach and it was reported to me by a teacher that, “I’m using Kami all day today. Sometimes the students are able to submit and sometimes it processes and spins forever, but doesn’t turn it in. Do you have anything for me that would explain?”

Is anyone else experiencing this? We’re using Chrome OS/Chromebook.

Hi Brad, thanks for writing in! That’s a rather odd issue, it sounds like something may be going awry with the exporter during the turn-in process. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a message on, I can ask you some follow up questions there, I would just need to get the email address of one of the students who experienced this in order to check their user logs (for obvious reasons I don’t imagine you would want to post that here).

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Thanks so much Aden! I just reached out to the teacher experiencing the issue for a sample student who wasn’t able to turn in his/her work and will send it via email once I hear back from her.


I have the same problem! I actually now we, need help fixing this problem.

@parm-is-well could you please email us more info about the assignment and the student who encountered the issue? We’d ideally like to know the student’s email address that was used to register with Kami, and the Schoology Assignment’s name that they tried to turn in. And the rough time they tried to turn in.

We can dig deeper into our logs to see what happened. Our email address is


I actually emailed Kami with specific times and users on 11/6/19 and waiting to hear back. I’ll post any reply I get for all to benefit.

Me too. Sometimes they get an error message. I will have to check the next time. Curious, is there any issue with creating a Kami document and then using Canvas’ external tool Kami to download the Kami document…is that ever a problem. If so, is there a better way.