Students can't open assignment in Canvas unless teacher does first?

Hi all,

Having issues in high school classes. We use Canvas as our LMS.

My students can’t open the assignments in Kami (they get an error message) that says I have to open the assignment. This was not an issue previously, and in a world of asynchronous learning this is a huge pain because students open assignments at different times…on different days…and I am not available to unlock it for them at all times.

Not sure if this is connected to a separate issue of Canvas Teacher app (on iPad) not being able to open Kami assignments to grade.

Would love to hear any insights and/or workarounds that anyone has for these issues.

We are having that same issue! Trying to research as to why its showing up. We just started seeing this. Do you know why its appearing?

I think we have come across some reasoning behind this. Is this happening in Canvas courses that the assignments were created by someone other than the teacher? (Blueprint, Sharing, Canvas Commons)

In my case, no, all the assignments that I’ve posted have been ones I created in Google Drive.

Did anyone find an answer to this problem? We’re getting the same issue.

According to Kami support this is a “fix” to an issue with assignments that aren’t created by the teacher. So the teacher has to open the assignment first in order for it to become “theirs.”

Not sure if this is a temporary fix, or an additional step to posting assignments.

It’s certainly not convenient for those of us who teach asynchronously and have students opening assignments at random times throughout the day/night.

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My students can’t even open the assignments if I have opened them up first. This has become very frustrating because it is the main tool we use on Canvas for the classroom. Worked perfectly fine, Hurricane Sally hit, and now it doesn’t work. Not sure what to do.

I watched my teacher create it herself and upload into canvas from her own drive. She didn’t use someone else’s. Hmmm.

Even after going through the Canvas process of selecting external tool, etc. and opening the document first, students still have problems saving or submitting. If the “submit” button is not in the Kami menu bar, then it looks like it won’t work.

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