Student work - Kami files - are suddenly blank

I am teaching in a virtual world and I love Kami. I have been successfully using Kami with my third graders and Schoology for a few weeks. I gave them a math journal as an assignment and they have been working on it daily. It works beautifully BUT today it appears as if all of their hard work is completely gone. They haven’t “turned in” any of their notebooks because they are working on them daily, but now all of their work is apparently gone.

Any clues as to what we did wrong? Any way to get that hard work back without starting over with our journals?

Thank you!

Hello all, Teachers in our district, our having the exact same issue described above. I noticed a Schoology glitch yesterday and the Open with Kami button has also changed and become smaller. Has anyone contacted Schoology? Also, I tried to contact Kami support and also only see a blank page. The Kami status page reports no issues. How is everyone getting in touch with Kami support?

We are also having the same problem. Work has disappeared and can’t reach anyone for support. Any thoughts from the larger group on best options are appreciated!

Hi All-
So one of our teachers found that below UNDER BLANK NEW PAGE- you can now see RECENTS and that seems to be where the work is now located. Hope this helps for now :slight_smile:

We are having the same issue in our district. I also tried reaching out to support. Last time I reached out to support it took over 3 weeks for a response.

Where exactly do you find the recent? I found a + to add a new page but cannot find recent anywhere.

When you click on the Kami extension, below the upload options you will find your Recent Documents.

are you a teacher or a kid

We are having the same issue with student work coming up blank. The recent option doesn’t seem to work as that is also blank.

Any help would be appreciated!

for know let them know to hit save.