Spell Check Tool/Feature

The only thing you need to be better than google doc. I mean, I can’t really spell complex words correctly soooooo, yeah.

Ummmm alright thats cool to hear… There should be a spelling check tool because I need one just kidding but I think people would love it even students who cant spell right?

Why thank you for being on my side because I do not know how to spell.

You spell fine on here lol… your welcome talk soon.
Even if you spell wrong I wont judge it happens to everyone.
What grade r u in?

4th. And what about u?

Your in 4th grade. wow okay great to know.
I am in 9th grade.

There’s nothing here to do.

Like people don’t really ask questions often

Ya bet on that just go on brainly theres more questions there than here. Just more dirty ok thats all im gonna say talk later bye