Spacing in Kami

When students are using Kami this week, major spacing issues are occurring as they enter text into text boxes. In addition, if students stop typing in a textbox for a minute or so and then resume typing, it is putting the new text on top of the old text. Is anyone else experiencing issues with spacing or typing in text boxes? If so, is there a fix for this? Thank you,

I am also experiencing this issue. And I have not yet found a solution to this.

Welcome to the world. Im a student but my teacher had that promblem she found the solution so im gonna try my best to let you know what to do.
First she went to this website
Then she found the article to support her question
Third she followed the steps and fixed her students promblems within
Lastly she got all her promblems figured out
Have a great day… If you cant find your solution and need more help just post again.