Separate Pages/Page extender

We just ordered the educator account, so I don’t know if this is part of it yet, but it would be nice if when we opened a pdf, it separated the pages so a teacher could add a blank page anywhere in the pdf. Separate pages would also allow teachers to reorder content as they build the lesson. I realize that a teacher can build a lesson in another program and save as a pdf to bring into Kami, however, it is not uncommon for teachers to add links/pictures/other pdfs on the fly while teaching.

During our Math Lessons, we sometimes need more room to show our work on a problem. A page extender option which would add more white space at the bottom of the page would be awesome.


Thank you for the feedback.

We have an ability to add blank pages to a PDF, but it will always be added to the end of the document.

You can add images anywhere on the document using the Insert Image Tool, and you can attach links using the Comment Tool or the Insert Text Tool. However, I know this is not exactly what you are referring to so I will relay this feedback to the engineers.

I am just checking to see if you are considering adding blank pages in the middle of a document. This would allow your app to be applied at a larger scale on our Promethean Boards with Active G. We have predesigned Math Lessons that we need to be able to write notes on. On our Computer-Based ActiveInspire, we can extend a page for notes. If we could add a blank page (or extend a page), it will fill the same void, but allow us to not have to be hard-wired to our boards. Just seeing if it is a possibility in the future.