Self-Grading Worksheet Option

Kami should add the ability to include self-grading questions. While there are already plenty of programs to create a self-grading “quiz” none of them have the ability to create anything like an interactive worksheet. They all have a linear this-question-followed-by-that-question (quiz-like) format. I want to create assignments with the free-form design features of a Kami pdf (graphs, photos, readings, questions in a layout of my making, not a boring list of questions). But I’d also like the ability to make the questions on such a worksheet self-grading, where possible. To my knowledge, such a application does not exist, but Kami seems well-positioned to fill this need simply by adding self-grading questions to its existing app. This would not only be time-saving for teachers, but also allow the option to give students immediate feedback on submissions.


I agree Kami should definitely do this. They have a great opportunity to improve their apps utility if they do. To just do a self grading PDF from already existing material check out

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