Saving to Google Drive

When I download a PDF it gives me the option to download to “my computer” or “google drive” BUT i want a subsequent option to pick the destination folder in my Google Drive otherwise I have to go in and move it each time.

I am using a Chromebook.

I was wondering with that too! I try hard to keep my Gloogle Drive folders well organized!

Hello adamschwerin and adrianaribas!

I understand your frustration, but thankfully there is a solution for this!

In order to choose the destination folder in Google Drive, select the “With Annotations” option. This will give you several more options, including the export destination. From here, click the “Select Folder” option.

Keep in mind, this is an export copy, so if you have already Uploaded to Google Drive, from the “Save” button (as seen in the screenshot below), this will create a new, separate copy.

If you have already uploaded the file to Google Drive, first click the “Save” button. Next, select the option called “Move.” Please see the screenshot below.

Hope this helps!