Save custom keyboard shortcuts?

I use a graphics tablet and map some of the keyboard shortcuts to it’s buttons. I use the “hand tool” and “box highlighter” quite a bit when I teach and since they have no default keyboard shortcut, I make one and map that to my tablet.

However, once I close Kami (on Chrome) and reopen (as I do between lessons), my custom keyboard shortcuts disappear, and the shortcuts reset to the default (and as such these two tools have no shortcut again).

Now I have copied and kept that shortcut link and that can be pasted at the bottom to share your shortcuts, and that’s how I set the shortcuts back to how I want them, but this is not ideal.

Sometimes, especially going from one lesson to another, I forget to do so, and then keep pressing the tablet button, nothing happens, I get frustrated and delay, and by the time I realise what is going on and find that (very long) string and paste it in the shortcut box, the lesson is well interrupted.

Is there a way to make my custom keyboard shortcuts permanent? To save them to my account?

Thank you.