Real time viewing

Is there a way to see the students working in real time? I would like to be able to view my students working on an assignment as they are working but do not want to click in and out of each student. Also, when I share a document, not an assigned one, is there a way for each student to get their own copy and not work on the same copy?

Thank you for you help.

Share the document with them and set them as viewers in the “Google Sharing” settings. Them when they try to annotate, they will be required to create a copy in order to edit. Hope this helps!

Yes it does. Thank you. I was thinking when I share it via google meet in the chat. Then can they share it back to me in the chat when they are finished so I can see their work?

Tell them to share it with you via the same process, but with you being an editor rather than a viewer and copying the link, then pasting it into the chat.
Hope this helps!

Yes thank you so much for your response!

@khunsicker you’re welcome!

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