Quick Comment Codes library for teachers?

Hi! I’m an English teacher who uses Kami on my LMS to mark students’ work, and it is generally pretty good.

One feature that I really feel is missing, though, is the ability to create a personalised library of Comment Codes where each teacher can create their own codes and explanations that we can quickly draw on for frequent comments we give on students’ work. This would save us heaps of time, while giving students the detailed explanations they need.

For reference, Turnitin has an awesome function called QuickMarks (https://help.turnitin.com/feedback-studio/turnitin-website/instructor/quickmarks-and-commenting-tools/adding-quickmarks.htm) that serves this purpose, but we don’t have this integrated into our school’s LMS system.

Looking forward to hearing whether this is something you will be developing in the near future!

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You can use the Chrome extension “Permanent Clipboard” for this. Learn about it in this blog post: