Question Feature (BETA) & Google Classroom

I had my first chance to try the ‘questions’ BETA feature in Kami.
A couple of takeaways…

  1. I won’t be able to sell my teachers on this tool until the autograde links with Google Classroom and the grade goes into the Google Classroom gradebook. Google Quizzes/Forms does this already and teachers won’t switch from that time saver.
  2. When I create a drop down menu or multiple choice questions, most of the time I delete where it says ‘option’ and just leave the A,B,C,D as choices. When I move to the next question, I have to delete that ‘option’ once again. It would be nice to have the ability to create a question, and then copy and paste it in the format that you create. (Big time saver!)
  3. Data is king in schools. Google forms/quizzes gives great data and feedback on students that took a created quiz. Kami would need that feature in order for my teachers to commit to switching.

Great start! I guess that’s why it’s in the BETA stage!