Question and Request

So I thought I read that audio comments is NOT SUPPORTED on student’s IOS…will you be getting this feature as our district just purchased for our entire district and many primary teachers requested it and our students all use 1:1 ipads…this feature will be a deciding factor between using it or using Peardeck that is able to do this. I am hoping this gets changed as I LOVE Kami and all its features!
Thank you for listening!

Hi there,

We will be supporting iOS playback of audio comments recorded from another device soon (we need to do more extensive testing on the feature first), but recording is currently not supported officially. We’re waiting on iOS Safari to support “media recorder” APIs in order for us to support iOS officially. This feature is currently listed in Safari 14 as an experiment, so once it gets out of that phase, we’ll officially support it. Sorry, I know this isn’t the news you were looking for. If you send me an email to my first name at, and explain more about what you’re using it for, I can see if there’s more we can do about your recording audio.