Progress wouldn't save and my work is gone

So I just finished an exam with Kami and I tried to send it to my teacher. Whenever I would save it or download it, it would open a version of the file without my text. I tried sending it to my drive and everything, but nothing would save. So I refreshed Kami and everything was gone. Has this happened to anyone before? Did you fix it? And how did you fix it

This!! I’m having a similiar issiue, for my work isn’t saved, even when i went out my way to manualy save it. It’s ridiciculous for such problems to exist when there are so many schools and thus students using it. I could fail because of this, it’s completely unacceptable. Yet i’m noticing that nobody is paying attention to your post and this problem.

That is really weird. Please try sending an email to for the Kami staff to officially help you out with this.

Hi there,

Thanks, @yhefter for helping!

We take lost annotation issues very seriously and if you ever experience this please reach out to our support team ( as quickly as possible and we will do everything we can to try and restore this work for you. I will add below a few things you can try if this happens.

If you notice missing annotations, you can try going to Google Drive → File → Right-Click → Managed Versions and see if the other versions have work present. You can also try using the Restore Annotation Tool to retrieve the deleted annotations. Here’s a help article that walks you through how to do it: Restore Annotations tool | Kami Help Center.

  • Kayla from Kami.