Problems with PDF to Kami feature

My district is using Kami. I have a activity packet that is in PDF form. I download it with Kami and it looked fine on Google Classroom. Some students were able to turn it in completed using the text boxes on Kami. Today, one student emailed me that he cant write on the form and when I looked at it on google classroom it s back to being a PDF. What am I missing here? DO they students have to open the form in a special way. DO they need to download a Kami reader or something like that?
Thank you!

Let me see here hmmmm… I will try my best because your a teacher and I am a student but I think if that student opens a new doc like Kami they should be able to write on it… The student can retry and reload the page or if that does not work log out and sign back into the chrombook… I hope this helps you I will look more into it and if I find anything I will tell you!!! Stay safe and healthy

Good Morning! Have your student run OCR on the pdf as it possible that it is being seen as a scanned document and the text is not being recognized by Kami to allow annotations to be made. Here is the Help Center Article on OCR How to Prepare Scanned Documents .

Thank you

I think that would help thanks?