Problems Saving Annotations

My students are having issues with Kami saving their responses to questions that I posted as annotations. We have synced our responses to Google Drive and we have exported our responses to Google Drive, as well. I still have students whose work is not saving after we work on it daily. Pleae help!

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My students are having the same issue! They add annotations and export to their Google drive, and only partial annotation appear in their Google Drive.

Please Help Kami!

I have the same issue on my personal drive using Kami, some annotations don’t appear in the preview window but when I open the PDF I can then see the additional annotations. I am a teacher and have the same issue with student work through Google Classroom but perhaps it’s a problem with Google Drive and not specific to Google Classroom.

NOT WORKING.It’s good the truth came out here and in other threads about Kami. I’m also one of the aggrieved Kami users to the tune of several hours. It took ending up in this thread to see that I’m not crazy and was wasting my time like everybody else trying to get Kami to competently save annotations. I only regret that I wasn’t able to give people a heads-up in advance of folks’ wasted time before ending up here.

It is a good PDF viewer though.