Annotations not showing up when saved or printed

Just worked on a 75 page PDF, and none of the annotations I added are show up when saving or printing.
I can see them on when looking on the Kami version of it, but no matter what option I choose the annotations will not show up.

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Could you please upload the document using Kami’s share function and then email us the link at Thanks!

Yikes. Not showing up for me either! I can view in my browser but not when I open locally on my computer.

It turns out that annotations aren’t appearing only when I use Preview on my mac. After a stern scare all is well :slight_smile:

Mine either. Can someone assist with this? I need to fill about visa application asap and my annotations aren’t saving.

I’m seeing the same issue. Kami is nice when it works, but too often it fails. Often, annotations do not appear in the printed or downloaded file. Sometimes, only some of the annotations appear. Flattening the annotations does not help. I tried uploaded a couple of screenshots to illustrate the problem, but this forum software gives an error message (“cannot determine the size …”), suggesting that my perfectly fine png files are “corrupt.” Here is a link to the uploaded annotated file: . Only some of the annotations appear when I download or print the document.

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