Problem with student access to Kami doc loaded in a new browser window

My district is using Canvas and has purchased a license for Kami. I have integrated Kami into my Canvas course and set up an assignment that prompts students to click and load the assignment in a new window. When they do this, it seems to be prompting students to log in to their own Google accounts. Only some of my students have Google accounts, as we aren’t a Google school. Why is this happening? I’ve connected my Google drive with Kami – shouldn’t that be all I need? We spent half an hour of class time today trying to resolve this, but no dice. I’m at a loss, and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

I don’t work for Kami but maybe I can help you know what is going on a little more.

Kami works with Google drive. So when a student is working on a document for 30 minutes, an hour, however long… and they lose power, their computer locks up, etc. The work is being backed up to their Google drive. Once the power comes back or they restart their computer/device they can continue from the last autosave (which is pretty quick).

If it worked like you want it to work, the student would lose everything they were doing because they never submitted it back to you.

Thank you for your response. My issue is not so much that; it’s more that when students try to do a Kami assignment on Canvas, when they click on “Load Assignment in a new window”, it then asks them to sign up or sign in to Kami. Okay. So they sign up, some of them with our school email, some of them with gmail (those that happen to have an account), and then it asks them to Validate Google Drive. They click on the “validate” button, and it seems like something is processing…but then they just get a big blank square that pops up that appears like it should contain some sort of notification. There’s a tiny gray link in the square that says “didn’t see the popup? Click here.” When they click nothing happens. I’ve tried disabling popups and it still doesn’t work. I’m at a loss.