Printing with Annotations suddenly doesn't work

I have used Kami many times to annotate PDFs, then I either print them with the annotations or download them with the annotations.

But this feature is suddenly not working. When I click on print or download, I get the usual pop-up that says “preparing document before printing,” and then it freezes for 5 minutes or more. This is has never happened before.

If I print or download without annotations, it works fine. But that is not what I use Kami for.

One more thing: when I try downloading just the annotations as a text file, only a few of them appear in the text file, 4 or 5. But there are at least 30 annotations that I’ve made.


Can you please send this information to, along with the email of the account and a screenshot or video of the issues?

Thank you

I just upgraded to Mac OS 10.13. Now Kami won’t print with annotations. It comes up with the “processing message”. But it appears as if it isn’t doing anything. I get to that same point when I attempt to download with annotations.