Printing using staple and hole punch options

When printing to a Canon 8585i printer at school, no Kami documents will print when you change the finishing options to staple and hole punch. It will not print at all, the job just seems to disappear. If we print from other applications (Word, Google Docs, etc.) it will work. Also, if we print from Google Drive and open a PDF in preview mode, it will print using the finishing options. It is only when a PDF is opened using the KAMI application that we have the problem.


Does it work if you open the PDF in the default Chrome PDF reader? (You can drag a PDF into chrome to get that). We normally use the chrome PDF reader to print the PDFs to get the best quality.

Another thing to try - you can hold the Windows key or Command key while clicking print in Kami. That will use our fallback printing option, which has lower quality but might fix this issue.