Print individual student annotations

Can I isolate a specific student’s annotations on a document to grade them? Is there a way to print them with each student on a separate page? That would help a great deal in evaluating their responses.

To view them individually, do I just click (and de-highlight) a student? If their annotations are supposed to disappear, they don’t always do so. It seems that a few of them stay no matter how I try to turn them off.


Thank you for reaching out!

Currently, there is not a way to permanently isolate annotations for printing or exporting. However, this is in the pipeline for future development. In the meantime, we would suggest assigning each student an individual copy if you want to isolate their annotations for printing or exporting.

However, the annotations should disappear on your screen, and should not be staying on the screen when you turn them off. I will email you individually about this to find a solution.

Hope this helps!

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