Possibility to creating and editing Bookmarks

It would be so usefull to could create and edit bookmarks.


That sounds great. I need to bookmark pages, because i had a lot of big pdfs and they not always have bookmarks for the chapters - beside, that i would love to bookmark pages i often need, even if the pdf already have some bookmarks.

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This is a much needed feature. When is it going to be available?

I would like to use multiple bookmarks within one PDF. For example, in a PDF that I’m reading for my thesis I would like to be able to bookmark different statements in the document so they will be organized depending on the information. So one PDF might have a definition of a term I need but also a comparison of techniques, etc. I can highlight and comment but I need to be able to organize the bookmarks by subject for easier use when I need the information. Example: https://www.gipp.com/2010/03/02/how-to-write-a-phd-thesis/#post/0

Hello? Have you guys not made available the bookmark function yet???
I’d love to switch from Adobe Acrobat DC paid subscription to KAMI but without that function, I CAN’T.

I often deal with case pdf files going over 4~5000 pages and w/o bookmark, it’s impossible to deal w/ those kinds of documents. If you keep refusing to create some kind of functional bookmark option, please let me know, I’ll just keep my Acrobat subscription.

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