Poor Stylus Support?

I am interested in using Kami this year for my classroom as my students will have touch screen Chromebooks. I think PDF annotation will be something we use often to make things less paper based. I have been currently testing out Kami on my Samsung Chromebook Plus. I have noticed that the stylus support as well as finger touch support is not that great. I have been taking notes with an Android app on my Chromebook, and I get excellent response and nice hand writing with the stylus and finger. While my students won’t have the same device that I do, I am worried that they will get frustrated with their writing by finger or capacitive stylus.

I have always seen Kami as the number one Chrome extension for PDF editing, and it seems to have nice integration with Google Classroom.


Can you please email support@kamihq.com?

We would like to set up a call to troubleshoot these issues.

Thank you


I am having the same issue. Using chrome browser on Surface Book. Using the Surface Pen with Kami is painful! The Highlight text tool and the Underline text tools don’t work at all with stylus [or finger] input.

Really love all the other features of Kami but may have to switch to Xodo is there is not a fix for stylus input.

Please help.

Thank you,

As far as I noticed, there’s no pdf editing nor annotating tool supporting samsung pen at its best yet. Adobe does so yet it’s way more expensive than kami. PDFfiller has added stylus support not so long https://edit-pdf.pdffiller.com/ but the problem is, it works as web app only, ok for individual purpose but not for community