PDF not shown in recents when switching platforms

I normally mark my PDFs using a Chromebook, but I switch to Windows 10 and the Chrome browser daily. When I do, my most recent document isn’t in recents, and I have to open it in Google Drive. This only started happening a few weeks ago; it used to work fine. This extra step is inconvenient. Please fix!

This same exact issue happens to me as well. For example, about a month ago I loaded up and saved a Kami assignment for one of my classes on my Chromebook. Later that day, I switched to my Windows 10 desktop computer but the only documents I saw in recents on there were only the documents I had accessed on that computer, not showing any of my other documents from the Chromebook.

As a work-around for this, I went into the document that I had wanted and copied the link. Then I pasted the link into another doc and could access the document on my Win10 computer. Although, I didn’t even think about trying Google Drive for this…

But in general, I do agree that this issue is both annoying and inconvenient for those who use Kami on more than one device and need to access important documents we may need.