"Open in Kami" not working consistently on Chromebook

We are experiencing some issues when students right click on pdf’s in Canvas (our LMS) and select “Open with Kami” - most do, some do not. The ones that don’t, downloads the file.
We have ensured that every student has installed Kami to their google drive and have selected the “open all files with Kami” preference. The students, chromebooks and accounts are set up identically, but perform differently.
We would prefer to have documents open in Kami consistently to avoid student confusion on WHERE their documents are.
Any ideas what we might be doing wrong? Or settings or instructions we have missed?

We have seen where students on the same model chromebook, same version of chrome, in same course, with the same assignment (linked pdf) using the right click >open method and have different results. I appreciate your response and would like to know if and when you make that change where those “checks” may bypass when students choose to open with Kami. Thank you.

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We’re testing the changes now, it should be in a 2-4 days.

Thank you for the update!