Not getting messages

Hello Im a student but Im trying to message my friend on private messages on kami… For some reason im only getting the messages on my email and I cant see them on my kami app… Any body have some tips they may give me…

How can I see her messages again???

I am not exactly sure what you mean; if you’re not getting messages in the Kami app itself (which if that is the case, I was actually not aware you could message friends-) or here on the forums. If it’s on the forums, then I will try my best to help you. If it’s actually in Kami, I’m sorry but I may not be able to help on that.

TL;DR(?): Just need some clarification on what it is you’re not getting messages on (Kami or forums) but are getting them in emails.

In thats what im talking about ok never mind… I got help from the person I was messaging thanks for trying to help me… Have a great day see ya bye