Not getting export annotations option with 7 day trial

I want to try the “export annotations” feature. I’ve got the 7 day pro trial. When I click on the “export annotations” button it goes orange but the exported file is a pdf.

After re-installing the Kami extension (why did it not “stick”?), I can now export annotations in a text file - yippee!

Now back to the situation of not being able to export annotations in attempts to do so with two files. Or maybe, it can only be done for certain types of pdf, or pdfs in a certain state, or only pdf’s that have been annotated in Kami?
In both cases, Kami allowed me the click the rightmost button and it remained orange but when I clicked the export button, the “Save As” window showed the file about to be saved as a pdf.
I would welcome some guidance from tech support or a member of the Kami community on what are the necessary conditions for “export annotations to text” to work.


Just to be clear, the issue you are having is that you cannot export using the “annotations only” option because the file is exporting as a PDF file instead of a .txt file?

That’s correct!
Have been able to export as text a couple of times, but I can’t see a pattern which distinguishes the successful from unsuccessful attempts.
Some of the attempts are with pdf’s that I have annotated with other programs, e.g. PDF Xchange Editor.
I’m interested in finding the tool whose format for exported-as-text annotations/ highlights suits my needs best.

Can you please send a PDF that you are not able to export to so we can take a look at it?

Thank you