New Student Access

Hello. After a Kami upgraded teacher created and sent out the initial assignment through Kami, there were a couple of students who were having trouble turning in assignments. Kami is asking them to upgrade their accounts. Isn’t this the way that the students are linked to the teachers’ licensed accounts?

Did you get an answer for this? I am having the same issue as some students can turn it in while others get that message and have to download with annotations and then reupload the assignment.

@tinadenton That is correct. The students will need to be on the teacher’s license (check here), but they will also nee the Kami Chrome extension, and the Kami App (check here).
Hope this helps! (If it doesn’t, reply with @yhefter and I will get back to you)

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Thank you @yhefter for helping out! @tinadenton and @drobbs please reach out to if you face any further issues.

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