New Shapes to Insert

It would be great if there were more shapes available to insert using the Shapes tool on the sidebar. New shapes can include hexagons, polygons, right triangles (I can’t remember if there is a way to automatically make these with just the equilateral triangle shape), etc.

I take a math class in which I write my notes digitally on my computer, and it takes longer for me to draw certain shapes with the drawing tool, versus using the shapes tool or just drawing the shapes by hand.

I know something very similar to this has already been discussed here: Graphing in Math - Shapes
but I feel like it would be beneficial to those taking any math course to be able to insert more shapes from Kami instead of having to draw them manually with a mouse/trackpad, which causes the drawing to become quite messy.

I deeply apologize if this is not possible.

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@greensw7316 hold shift and draw a triangle to make a right triangle. For the other parts, I totally agree.

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thank you, I am always forgetting because I never had to draw right triangles when I did know how to lol.

you’re very welcome!

I don’t use shapes a lot in Kami, but I feel like curved lines would also be a helpful addition to the Shapes section since I often have to draw graphs for subjects like Math and Physics (which are rarely linear).