New Feature: Change Background Color for PDF books


I am requesting a new feature: the background color can be changed from white to other colors, which could make readers eyes more comfortable while reading PDF for a long time. The PDF viewing tool Foxit reader supports this feature. I hope kami will support it as well.

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Hi guys,

I totally agree with xuxiang.
Please allow us to choose the background as we want. Just for you to have an idea, Foxit and Acrobat Adobe Reader have this option, but they are for Desktop.

I love kami because it is an online and its highlight + annotations + share … tools.

Since Kami do not support other background colors yet, in the meantime you can use “Care Your Eyes” extension, to change the background of webpages. It will also change the background of the pdf your are reading (if you uses Kami).

excuse me, could you please send me a link for the extension"care your eyes"? I can not find it in Chrome store,Many thanks !

Sure! you are very welcome.

The screenshot below shows how the pdf looks like when reading in black background.

you are so kind, thank you:wink:

Totally agree, good proposal!